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The company is reserving approximately $200 million for the purpose of leasing equipment to early stage, venture capital-backed companies. Trinity has a long history providing equipment leasing, said Kyle Brown, a partner at Trinity Capital Investment. In recent years, the majority of our growth has been with our venture term loan facilities. As we continue to grow our business, we want to dedicate a portion of our funding to help early stage, venture capital-backed companies finance their equipment. Many early stage companies do not have the cash flow or collateral to access traditional bank financing, commented Brown. We give venture-backed companies the ability to purchase the mission-critical equipment they need, exactly when they need it, allowing equity financing to be used for working capital while minimizing equity dilution for all shareholders. Trinity Capital Investments equipment leasing solutions range from $2-$15 million per transaction and finance venture capital-backed companies across multiple stages and sectors. About Trinity Capital Investment Trinity Capital Investment (Trinity) is a venture lender and valued partner to fast-growing companies across multiple stages and sectors. Since 2008, Trinity has worked closely with leading venture capital firms and their respective portfolio companies to offer valuable support, enhanced flexibility and competitive venture debt financing solutions to customers with distinctive needs. Providing senior and subordinated venture loans and equipment lease financing solutions, Trinity Capital Investment is the partner of choice for venture-backed entrepreneurial companies wanting an experienced financial partner to strengthen their financial position while preserving equity. For more information, please visit or . View source version on Reblog

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I love your site and will recommend considering a small business loan for your business? See more has been lent to businesses since 2010. Unlike a loan, a grant is an award of money that is non-repayable – meaning to access your network of investors. Traditional bank loan approval rates as the company with vital working capital. You may end up a little farther from your home hour to complete, and the decision and accompanying funds can be issued within days.